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Stonch -

Alan, many if not most small British breweries will sell beer in polypins. Harvey's is by no means unique.

Harvey's Porter is indeed a great beer. I doubt the bottled version does it any justice - but then the same can be said of almost all our our best ales, particularly after they've suffered pasteurisation and a transatlantic voyage.

Alan -

That is polypin-eriffic news. Dave Line in his home brewing books wrote about them and I brought two heavier versions back from the UK in 1986 at the start of my brewing career. Bought them from the original makers of Dark Star, the then Pitfield Beer Shop. But Harveys' is the firs I have seen with the actual very uncool photo. We lack so many of these sensible packaging options that they seem a marvel to me. Look at this.

The Beer Nut -

Hilden will do you a pin, a piggin or a spigotted firkin. Asking for them is probably nearly as much fun as drinking the contents.

Paul Garrard -

Remember a polypin is for Christmas not for life !