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Stonch -

Just the one man bag, then?

I've got at least three.

The manbag is an essential piece of kit these days. Far better than spods with big haversacks on, a regular site at beer festivals. I honestly believe that banning brewery branded clothing, haversacks, anoraks, clunky shoes and people over 18 stone would solve most of the image problems beer festivals have. It would certainly make me happier.

Dave -

I'm I have to ask 1. what a "man-bag" is, and I'd like several photographs as well,

Alan -

Well, I for one am not doing that particular "google images" search for you.

Paul of Suffolk -

A man-bag is the male equivalent of a hand-bag. They tend to be styled on the satchel.

Stonch, I'm with you on banning brewery branded clothing, anoraks etc. I'm guilty as charged on the haversack front but getting enough food and a coat into a man-bag is often a struggle. We always set up base camp somewhere out of the way at beer festivals and then just wander up to the bar area when we need beer. It's people that loiter around the bar area that really irritate me. In fact someone needs to invent an electric cattle prod type device that shoves a high voltage through anyone that stands at a bar, be it BF or Pub, drinking. Bars are to get served at and then get clear of !!!

Mark Tichenor -

For the sake of illustration, the "manbag" could also be termed the "murse." does that clarify? :)

Stonch -

Paul, can't agree about drinking at the bar in a pub! It's one of life's pleasures. The best chat always goes on at that bar.

Alan on manbags:

"This is entirely not a North American thing."

Yes but bumbags - known as fanny packs amongst the heathens - are. We all have a cross to bear!

I have a fine manbag right here with me now - and it looks very similar to Signor Beckham's. I bought it in Florence. A nice souvenir!

Dave -

OK, thanks.. around here we call then bicycle bags or messenger bags.. [or at least that picture] We also have belt bags. thanks.. got off the main topic [of good beer of course] but the reference diverted me.
now for a great pint!

Alan -

Hey - my blog so I don't care. I think man bag is the leathery version and the messenger bag more the outdoorsy camping hardware sort of one. Does that distinction work?

Paul of Suffolk -

Getting back to beer. Drinking at the bar might be enjoyable for those that are there, but in my experience offenders tend to be totally oblivious and wrapped up in talking utter crap that they rudely ignore anyone trying to get a drink.

Knut Albert -

I've never tried the Fuller's Vintage on cask, hopefully there will be some when I arrive in London ion a few weeks!