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tedo -

In the same boat as you are. Can't seem to find any examples of a Mild down in Texas. I have one last place to look, but after that I'll be left scratching my head at what to do.

Knut Albert -

I had the same problem here in Norway, but my old friend PC dropped by with a few bottles of Swedish Easter beers the other day. Among them is a mild.
But, generally, this is a style I associate with cask drawn pints in some remote corner of England or Wales.

Stephen Beaumont -

Me, I'll be moseying over about 2 1/2 hours to your west, or roughly 15 minutes to my east, and revisiting a beer I haven't had for all too long. (It was recently reformulated, BTW.) But I do sympathize, Alan. As I'll explain on Friday, my most recent encounter with something (American) called a "mild" was plenty far from the case. Lew's experiences notwithstanding, mild is just not a style that's been embraced by North America's craft brewers.

Alan -

I had an arguably reasonable facsimile lined up (other than the Saint Arnould) but I suspect that it will more confirm your point, Stephen, rather than establish any breakthrough. Oh to be in New England when May is mild month.

Stonch -

"But, generally, this is a style I associate with cask drawn pints in some remote corner of England or Wales."

Yes, it's a style you don't find much outside of England & Wales. That's all the more reason for it to be given some airtime!

Bailey -

It's not impossible to find a pint of mild in Britain, but it's not as easy as it should be. CAMRA's big push on mild last may seems to have done some good, though - lots of pubs (including my local) put a mild on as a guest ale, and never took it off, such was the demand for tasty and not-too-strong beer.