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Stonch -

"(NOTE: the average American lives within 10 miles of a craft brewery)"

Errrr... I'm not an American. Is that OK?

Alan -

Me neither. We need to threaten start splintering schismism if this sort of thing pops up too regularly: Amero-centric statistics - BAH!

Donavan -

I figure that doing Milds last time was enough of a bone thrown to the folks across the pond to keep 'em happy for a while. I had to fly to London to find a Mild! Even though there are four brewpubs and one brewery in my county, I'm not within 10 miles of any of them -- of course, I don't expect anyone to shed any tears for me. I am bothered by the "commercial equals legitmate" equation but I understand that we would have very few readers if we only wrote about what our homebrew tasted like.

Stan Hieronymus -

Hold on, Snekse made it 150 miles.

I think it would have been neat had he just said the closest brewery to your house. Of course, the closest to mine may not have it's first beer (brewed Saturday) available yet. But it has 12 New Mexico beers on tap, and a wonderful back patio to watch the sun set on the mountains.

A good opportunity to comment if there is a local character to NM beers - and I could mention how that carries over into homebrew. Though I likely won't.

Stonch -

I just posted last night about a relatively new brewpub in a lovely part of North London, where the grandson of an Australian regional brewer has set up under the name of his family's defunct, historic business. It's within 10 miles of my home - why didn't I keep it in my back pocket for The Session? Rats