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Pootz -

Alan: I sense a deep longing for a local source for a favored beer style and endless disappointment in trying "substitutes".

Alan: I empathize.

My to-die-for beer is classic Vienna lager....

Not a "big" or radical beer by today's micro standards but a style that is fairly pedestrian by these standards and a style that takes great patience, time and craft to reproduce properly...a style that is malt forward and subtly complex which is a showcase for the malter's art as well as the brewer's...a beer where hops are complimentary and sit just in the background...a very drinkable ,flavorfoul satifying session beer...in short, very much like "mild" except for flavor profile specifics .

I understand the angst of craving a certain style of beer which seems to not be on the radar screen of local crafters....this is what started me brewing years ago...and to date, my Vienna is probably the only near authentic one made in this classic beer desert we call Ontario....and there's only enough for me and by beer droids ;-)

So I empathize with your tounge for fresh malty session beers traditional session beers my brother....because there sure as heck in't the diversity in style in this market yet to reproduce even a classic 2 dimentional classic session beer.

I particularly feel sorry for those with a craving for "big" IPAs or the inperial "double" beers...they certainly will be disappointed in Local craft offerings.

So, as far as milds are concerbed ( adheeering to the guidelines set out by Dave Line) learn importing or learn to brew.

BTW: you want a real malty, hop attenuated brown you go to Hockley.

In Canada probably the best mild made is in BC on one of the many brew pubs or possibly Paddok wood's seasonal offering. As a bottled tale homre product you're SOL unless you find an English import.

My suggestion is to brew....it;s better stuff anyway ;-0

Alan -

I now brew. Oh how I brew. Mild is in the cellar and next and ESB followed by a hefe.

Liam H -

I miss a good mild. Coming from Lancashire I noticed it dying out in the 1990s. My grandfather was a great believer in both bitter and mild being weak. He was devoted to his local. He wanted to be able to go to the pub everynight and drink all night. So a good tasty low alcohol beer was his thing. On Sundays he was known to drink 10 pints at lunch and 12 in the evening !!!

One thing I also miss is a pint of mixed "50:50 bitter and mild". That was the first drink I bought legit in a pub.