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Stonch -

You do sometimes see flavoured mild - Milton from Cambridgeshire are now doing one, and I had a delightful vanilla flavoured effort at The Lower Red Lion in St Albans once - I think it was Storm Chaser from Brown Cow.

Alan -

Maybe an extreme mild is one under 3%.

Kiernan -

Never would have thought our VBBA would be looked at as a mild. But hey I guess if you take out the Vanilla the base beer is definitly and English brown which some put into the mild category.


Alan -

Hey Kiernan,

I was definitely stretching but it would be interesting to try the VBBA without the VB just to see.

Kiernan -


I would send you a sample but we add whole beans to the kettles so the brown is never just a brown.


Alan -

Dangnabbit! I have to say it did grow on me but it would be interesting to try unadorned. Any future plans you want to report, send me an email at beerblog@gmail.com. Happy to promote your good work for beer. I am up in Kingston Ontario (if that is not on the table) but my eastern Lake Ontario includes CNY.

mint -

should of tried doing this a year later. Magic Hat (Vermont) did a mild for their Fall '08 Odd Notion brew.