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Donavan -

Getting Fantôme beers on Long Island involves a 45 minute drive to the west for me. I've only found one place to get these beers. I'm not complaining. I bought four or five varieties last summer and enjoyed most. The only complaint I've ever heard about Fantôme is the variability of their product (and this from a noted brewer). I can go either way with consistency. I don't reallly care if the brewer is changing the recipe every few months as long as I like what I'm drinking. If variability means I open a crappy bottle, then (obviously) I don't what that. I had a great beer last night, the Southampton Bière de Garde. I should review it! Good excuse to drink more. It will be the featured beer on my podcast tomorrow. Cheers!

GG and BB -

nice bonbons !!!