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Stephen Beaumont -

"...or can't accept the limitations of a lawnmower beer..."

Limitations, Alan? What limitations? At 4.4% alcohol, Pilsner Urquell is only slightly stronger than Arkell, and in my view, much more refreshing. Go just a little stronger, at 4.8%, and King Pilsner is a pretty damn good quencher. One-tenth of a percentage point stronger is the best value in the LCBO, Wernesgruner Pilsner ($2 for a 500ml can), and at so-called "normal" Canadian strength, I like Black Oak Pale as a great summer refresher.

Hell, I just made some notes on Steamwhistle and it's tasting pretty good these days, not unlike a solid, premium "lawnmower beer."

(Forgive me, but I seem to be on a quest to rehabilitate that term.)

Alan -

That is fine. For me, lawnmower beer equals "buck a beer" or Coors Lite. In the homebrewing cloning books that is the use I recall. It is the low end of the session beer scale to me. But it is a good word so maybe I should stop using it as a negative.