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Stonch -

There as a regular at my local the Jerusalem Tavern who used to put drinks for others on his tab, but then did a flit without paying it and never returned...

...it was only £8 as well

Donavan -

I'm used to this whole round buying business when you go into the pub with my friends. We usually keep the rounds limited to our group. Buying rounds for folks who just happen to be sitting at the bar is a new phenomenon to me. Last Saturday night I was in Callahan's with two of my buddies and this guy comes in with his wife. The guy orders his drink and his wife's and adds on a round for us. Then he says he wants the juke box turned on. Turns out the round was to buy us off so he could put on whatever music he wanted; of course we couldn't complain when Olivia Newton John's Xanadu stars playing -- he'd paid for our beer!