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Knut Albert -

If you lok at this in a brother context, there is a story in there. Who are drinking the fruit beers? I shrugged when I saw the Belgian coconut and banana beers being marketed in Norway, but then I found myself at the Delirium cafe in Brussels. With 2007 beers to choose from, the bright yung clientelle were haqppily swilling coconut and cactus beers, some of them in day-glo colours.
Me thinks fruit beers is this year's alcopops.

On the other hand it is intersting to note that fruit beers covers both ends of the sprctrum. From beers with artificial colour and flavour that glow in the dark to the Cantillon krieks being made by hand in another part of Brussels.

But no, if I was asked to do a column on beer (I'm open for engagements), it would be far down on my list. I've hardly mentioned fruit beer on my blog, either.

Alan -

Frankly, I think the presence of a decent new seasonal from a brewery on the GO train (Toronto's commuter train line) went a long way for the choice of topic, Knut. I am quite looking forward to Beppi getting deeper into the beer world as he is a good writer and is being given plenty of space to fill. His weekly wine reviews in the Saturday edition are very good and he is not shirker about the value of sherry, something that particular endears me to his views.