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BurlingtonTom -

"I do find it strange that no comment is made in the article on the health benefits of moderate consumption."

Or the pleasures of moderate consumption. Beer, at least down here in America, is primarily promoted as serving one purpose - getting drunk while watching a sporting event. Which is a crying shame, of course, as good beer is worth drinking for the pleasure of doing so - flavor, aroma, mouthfeel, and so on. But as long as beer is positioned within a strict good vs. evil framework we are going to get unbalanced articles like the one you found.

Paul of Kingston -

Yes - the point being that it should be headlined as "the social and medical costs associated with alcohol ABUSE in Canada".

Curses to all those "black & whiters" out there. We can all make pretty long lists of products and services that provide benefits when used wisely, and risks when abused.

Is this a derivative of unethical marketing, unfortunate stereotyping or perhaps a relic of the bad old days of simplistic social authoritarianism?

Whichever, I posit that the survey results referenced indicate people's evolving sense of emancipation from religious and cultural social controls which would, in the past have caused them to publicly deny their fondness of drink - whether moderate or excessive. The results probably have little to no correlation to people's actual habits toward alcohol.

Stephen Beaumont -

Nothing like a lopsided article to get your blood going first thing on a Saturday, eh Alan? In addition to the health issues and black-and-white approach, as you, Tom and Paul all mention, I was bugged by the lack of corroboration and attribution, as I noted in my thatsthespirit.com blog post on the subject.

Alan -

I really have to apologize, Stephen, as I was clearly...or perhaps just statistically...loaded when I wrote the above, whipped up in some sort of drunken rage fueled by the demon rum or some of its Satanic kind. Here is the link to your story. I can only recommend a some Temperance hymns and perhaps a decent ice cream soda as a start. Shall we gather?

Stephen Beaumont -

I'd be remiss, Alan, if I didn't also point out the irony of the fact that, in that very edition of the Globe, I also had a story in the travel section called "Getaways with a glass, or two." It's about not only the demon drink, but travelling to find festivals that promote its sins and wickedness.

Corruption from within has always struck me as an effective policy.

Alan -

Yes and also we should mention the weekly richly written and, as I now see, dangerously attractive reviews of wine and spirits (but not beer) in Beppi Crosariol's column. I will have to curb my enthusiam for those semi-sweet sherries which he recommends which I have (I only see now) clearly foisted my family at holiday times.

blork -

You can see the bias of the article in the first line of the bit that you quoted" "79.3 per cent of Canadians confessed to drinking."


Nice choice of words.

danica -

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