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Travis -

I made a little kegerator of my own. I had seen these advertised for $500 and was not willing to spend than much for something that that equated to a dorm fridge with holes in it. So I built my own...and it froze my keg. Do I went back the drawing board and tried again, and it worked this time. This is what I came up with...



Dick Pepper -

Not trying to be a podcast pimp, but we just posted a how-to video of sorts about a kegerator.
Scroll down to Show 70 - La Folie - and you'll see the video. Rick demos his kegerator, about building a custom manifold to avoid weird hose sizes, gauge cages, etc.
This is the far end of the kegerator project, a little more complex than Travis' kegerator, which is very cool.

Alan -

Pimp on, podcaster. All good information.