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Stonch -

The general concensus has been that, so far, the "Young's" beers brewed up in Bedford have not matched those from down in Wandsworth terribly well. This may change, of course. In October, the first batch of Winter Warmer released onto the market was diabolical, but the second that started to appear in December was much better.

Knut Albert -

I agree, the St George's Ale is a splendid beer. I tried it only recently, as I have always favoured their cask ales when in England.
There are two major probløems with the closing down of the Young's brewery - maintaining quality of the beers and deciding which beers to remove from the portfolio. Some of their best beers are probably gone, and even in the Young's pubs, handpups for the seasonal Young's ales have been replaced with Bombardier.

Stonch -

From memory, the beers discontinued by Youngs when they merged with Wells were Dirty Dick's, Kew Brew, Golden Zest and Young's Pilsner.

Alan -

Of those the only one I have had was Dirty Dick's and I was not a fan.