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Jess -

It wasn't til I saw that antlered bear on this site, and felt a faint flutter in my heart, that I realized that not only was Boont my favorite all around beer too, which of course I already knew with some certainty, but I realized that I'm rather sentimental about it. Sure there are more striking, creative, "special" beers out there, lots of excellent ones of course, but, in my humble opinion, Boont is essentially perfect for what it is. Would you want Boont to be any other way? Nope. For an amber, it's struck the perfect balance between malt and hops. Tasty malt, herbal fragrance, neither overpowers the other, it's not trying to make any particular point, it doesn't need to, it's just, well yeah, I have nothing to add. Except that it's pretty to look at. (I'm not referring to the bear, by the way, just to that lovely color.) The edge of pathos, or is it bathos, to this post is likely due to my recent relocation from California to New York, where I can hardly find it anywhere! In fact all I've found so far was a sign for it right next to an empty shelf where it could have been at Eagle Provisions in Brooklyn. I know there are a few beer stores to check out, perhaps someday...

Alan -

I don't know anything about NY city shops but if you see any other Anderson Valley beers in a shop you can likely order in Boont. The nearest beer stores to you should be on this list.

gary -

Jess, you are welcome to come shopping up here with us in Ithaca, available in 2 shops, and have some fun too.

jess -

Ithaca...good times I hear, never been though. There's no Anderson Valley distributor in NYC, but apparently that doesn't mean their beers don't pop up every so often at this random Polish grocery, Eagle Provisions, which has an excellent beer selection. I just haven't hit them on the right day yet. The good piece is I'm exploring lots of other beers. I was really just looking for an excuse to wax poetic about Boont :) Maybe I'll keep an eye out for the other beers you mentioned (Souther Tier, Finn and Ithaca, none of which I've tried).

gary -

maybe try some other NY state brews also like Cooperstown brewing, Butternuts (from Cooperstown) and Thousand Island Pale ale....although you have a great brewery in your own back yard, the Brooklyn Brewery.

jess -

Now that you mention Brooklyn Brewery, I can't help but plug one of my other favorite breweries, Sixpoint, which is this tiny brewery right in Brooklyn that only distributes within NYC, and doesn't bottle their beer. So if you happen to be in the neighborhood and find a good bar, check out Sixpoint's Righteous Rye or Sweet Action, or anything else they brew--really excellent, especially the Rye. Although I'm perfectly happy with a pint of Brooklyn Lager, Sixpoints is something special, kinda like Boont :), except actually much more unusual and striking. Anyway, enough about Boont. Thanks for the suggestions!

Michelle -

When I lived in Northern California I drank this all the time. I loved it! When I moved back to Philly, I became enamored of the Belgians and drank them for about 5 years. Then I moved to Minneapolis. Was thrilled to find my wine store carried AV, but then they stopped after a few months and never got it back.

Long story short, I've moved back to Philly. Really got hooked on Oskar Brewing Company's Old Chub, but now it's summer and that's a bit heavy. So I took a chance and asked the Beer Guys where I shopped if they could get AV. Long story short, they have one distributor who can get it, a guy they don't like to deal with, but they special ordered it for me. Just got my case of Boont Amber yesterday. It has been YEARS since I've had one.

After all these years, Boont Amber Ale is still my hands down favorite overall beer. It is, simply, the BEST. How I have to talk these guys into carrying AV in their store.

ALan -

That's it! I will have one now...this year...soon. I can do it. I will do it.

Rob -

Tried Boont Amber Ale at a restaurant in Santa Barbara amonth or so ago. Loved the rich malty flavour...searched unsuccessfully for some in San Fran later...now back in Melbourne Australia would like to somehow source some here. Probably not possible but if anyone has any ideas???
If you're interested James Squire's Amber Ale and Porter brewed in NSW are respectable brews