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Mike C -

Can't be that new then. 'Newly-noticed by me' perhaps. They do have a new IPA which I will try and report back here.

Alan -

Yes, I think that is the one that is new to their line-up. I had the porter back in around 2002 and think it was around then it was introduced. The last bottled Ontario porter I've had was made in the end of the mid-90s, a limited edition from St. Catherine's that I think was called James Taylor Porter. I should say there are bottles of flavoured chocolate porters and coffee porters to be had which are fine ales but I really liked that half gallon of rich thick stuff from the short-lived Taylor & Bate made I shared with my brother almost ten years ago.

Frank McDonald -

New? I've been enjoying this one here in Newfoundland for several years. Best beer available here in my opinion. I hear rumors of a Imperial Stout from Propeller. May have to take another trip to Halifax to sample that one.

Nick Miller -

Yes, the Propeller Russian Revolution Imperial Stout's last batch was bottled about two weeks ago. It's still available, but probably won't be for too much longer. I've had best results getting it fresh from the growler. Cheers from Dartmouth!

Janet -

I recently moved to Vancouver. Anyone know if I can get Propeller beer there?

Birkir -

Not a big fan of EPA but the Bitter is what I buy on regular basis. This is a grown up beer that always hits home. So good. Such a shame it's not widely available in Canada.