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gary -

Knut, I am a lucky recipient today from the Cracked Kettle, a selection of micro-brews from Holland. Nobody chased me for a value added tax or anything else, and there was no delay, and the gents at Cracked kettle did a fine job with the packing and details. Hopefully Alan will post my little email and photo relating my experience.

Grant Goodes -

Well, Knut, I see you are a lucky man, as you have at
least two bottles from my favourite Amsterdam brewery,
'et Ij, namely Vlo ("flea") and what looks like Nate
or one of the other "-ate" beers. My friend who lives
in Amsterdam once brought me an 8-beer taster's pack
from 'et Ij, and all were wonderful.

Go' fornoelse!


Knut Albert -

Yes, these beers are hand picked. I tried a few of their beers last year, so I am really looking forwards to trying two more!

Jeff -

Wow, what a pain. At least you finally got them! There has to be a better way to get beer to Norway. I hope that you enjoy them, you certanly paid enough!



Gary -

Listen Jeff, thanks a million for the great Dutch brews.

steve -

could the package not just have been marked as a gift?