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Lew Bryson -

Okay...but if the next blogger to take on The Session does <b>tripels</b>...I'm gonna get peevish!

Alan -

One nice thing about having made the call I had to make is that I also do not have to make the call for May or for any other month for perhaps a year or two. By then the style choices left to me will be limited to something like Bamberger Ungespundet-hefetrüb and that Finnish Easter beer I mentioned.

Stan Hieronymus -

Picking a theme - say beers in clear bottles (one that seems unlikely - means that we don't have to limit ourselves to "styles."

Al -

I have a theme in mind and it's not a beer style.

Dick Pepper -

YES! If anyone listens to beer podcasts (and if not, you should) there was a mighty dubbel "war" between several podcasts about Maudite, one of your example beers. Some loved it, some hated it. Dubbels are a beer tasters experience. The style lends itself to many variations while still within the description.
Great choice!

Chris Scott -

OK, this time I shouldn't be so busy I forget about posting on this...

Bostonbeerman (Jim Olson) -

Oh boy, picking Dubbels for me is like picking a chocolate out of a good box of Belgian chocolates. No matter what you pick, it is going to be pretty good, but if you really concentrate and choose the right one...you could end your days with that flavor on your lips.