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Dann -

Maybe that's why there are so few craft/microbreweries in Florida - our water is pretty damn terrible down here. Also - when we used to brew beer in college here, it would end up tasting a whole hell of a lot better if we went and coughed up the buck or so to buy 5 gallons of distilled water rather than using what came out of the tap. There's just too much calcium here to make it taste very good.

brewJew -

Irrespective, it is the five or so percent that is not water that counts.

Alan -

That's funny:<blockquote class="smalltext">Water – straightforward enough, but its mineral content will have a crucial affect on the flavour and colour of the beer produced. It must also be of a consistently high quality if used commercially.</blockquote>

Stan Hieronymus -


One questions on the BJCP exam is:<blockquote class="smalltext">Identify, describe, and give at least one classic commercial example as listed in the BJCP Style Guidelines of a major beer style commonly associated with the following three locations: (the three locations vary).<p>The styles often - like pale ales from Burton, and dunkels/bocks from Munich - became dominant in those regions because of the water. Before brewers became adept at manipulating water chemistry some would argue that it was comparable to what wine growers call terroir.</blockquote>