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Stan Hieronymus -

Another question would be: Do organic beers taste "better" or even different?

In an excellent two-part review of the Organic Beer Festival in Portland, Ore., Jeff Alworth says the overall quality was excellent and makes a couple of interesting points:

"More likely, it is a reflection of a particular moment in time: breweries don't lightly brew organic beers. Since they take special effort, it seems like breweries take special care with the recipes."


"It is inevitable that this moment will not last. All trends revert to the mean. Eventually, if we're lucky, organic beer will become the norm, not the exception. And then we'll have the usual distribution of mediocre efforts and noble failures. But for now, and probably for the next couple-three years, seek out organic beers."

Knut Albert -

I don't think organic beer (or organic food) will save the planet. The opposite may be more correct - more land is needed to grow organically than with fertilizers, and with the increasing demand for bio fuel, we are in for a squeeze.

But there is another point here, and that is quality. Small scale producers of beer (or wine, or cheese, or carrots..) take more care about the quality of their product than the ones run by the accounting division of multinational companies. And real organic producers are small scale and care passionately about what they are doing. This makes them interesting to seek out and for us beer enthusiasts to embrace them!

Pam Reed -

Alan, I am the Mother of Joe Reed aka the unabrewer. I am trying to locate him, have not spoken with him since he went to China. Yes I am a shamed to say that. I just want to know he is ok. Please if you hear from him ask him to please call 501-843-1606 (home)or at least email.

Thank You....Pam

Jon -

At the end of the day, my taste buds decide the best beer, not my environmental conscience. If organic beer tastes great because of smaller scale operations, I will buy it soley for the taste.

Reed Vander Schaaf -

I brew organic beer, have been for the last 5 years. I think it's the best revolution in brewing since hops, and when I compost my grains it just feels so sweet. Honestly though not all "organic" beers are made with ALL organic ingredients. Our friends at some of the fizzy yellow wussy drink factory don't use organic hops, even some of the smaller brewerys are taking this rout, I'm boycotting any organic beers that are not honestly made with organics ingredients. Besides who wants to be hurting the earth when your drinkin your a favorite brew?

Jean-Yves Landry -

Organic beer is simply beer made without GMOs or any human made chemicals. There are of course a few ripoffs, but there are many that are good. Some is produced in New-Brunswick, Canada, where I am from. Organic beer is the way to go.

Alan -

"Simply"? Thanks for that papering over - especially the obfuscation of GMO with compost pile. And, to Reed's point 14 months ago, I'd rather have a beer with inorganic hops (if such a thing is possible) that didn't use 150 gallons of fuel to be shipped to me.