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Knut Albert -

There is more to come from Panil, they have a beer made by spontanous fermentation that was launched at the annual PAnil Day last weekend.
I won't have time to go to the brewery on my upcoming visit to Parma - but I have ordered some bottles that will be waiting for me at my hotel.

Alan -

Gee - all I ever have waiting for me at the hotel is the kids menu of a variety of fried glob in animal shapes and the promise of going to sleep when an elementary school kid does.

Knut Albert Solem -

Quite possibly, Eric. There's nowhere to go for more hoppiness, so sourness and or/spontanaeous fermentation might be the Next Big Thing.

I have never gotten around to blogging properly about it, but I talked to the Managing Director of the Palm brewery in Belgium a few months ago. Besides Palm, they also control other breweries as Rodenbach and Boon.
He talked about how this sourness is also present in wine, but higher alcohol conent gives a sweeter aroma. They are currently experimenting with their geuze/lambic yeasts to see if they can isolate a strain that survives in higher alcohol levels. The spurness will be the same, but we will perceive it differently when the beer gets stronger. So there is a Imperial Geuze coming along at some stage - if the Americans don't beat them to it!

Alan -

I want saisons to be the next big thing. How perfectly blanced can you make that white peppery yeast aspect?

Bailey -

I'm going to keep trying, but I didn't *get* Rodenbach Grand Cru at all. Just tasted, as you say, a bit off. But I have rather enjoyed Bellevue Geuze, when I've had it. Tastes sour like fruit, rather than sour like vinegar.

Eric Trimmer -

I've been drinking a lot of hefeweizen lately, mostly because I enjoy the slight tang.

But I can see my typical beer drinking pattern emerging.

I find a flavor I hadn't noticed much before, decide I like it, begin to crave it, then seek out beers with even more of that flavor.

I'll be drinking vinegar right out of the bottle before I get sick of sour and find some new flavor to get excited about.

Stonch -

Eric, by beer drinking pattern is the same, although it's getting a little more toned down as time passes, and I'm not entirely governed by the cravings...