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Eric Trimmer -

"I am stuck with half a carboy of something that looks kinda like thin gravy."

Don't worry. That style's supposed to look cloudy...

Ugh. Spending two hours brewing from extract is a daunting task for me. I'd like to start brewing all-grain -- for the same reason I like to make my own mayonnaisesd -- but the brew time is so long I don't know if I'd ever get around to brewing a batch.

Thomas -

I tend for a two stage rest on mash one at 120-125F and then my 155 and have been very pleased with my results, but I am very much a 'Relax and Have a Homebrew' Brewer.

Also I am a total Hefe fanatic. :-)

Bailey -

We've tried to brew German wheat beer twice. It was horrid both times. The fancy-pants sachet of liquid yeast we bought didn't do anything, either time, so we ended up using dry "lager" yeast. Didn't taste nice. The version with blackberries in was good, though - I guess they mask the underlying foulness. Never tried a mash as complex as the one you describe. Good luck!

Alan -

The half batch appears to be in the range of 1.048 at about 10.5 litres. I am going with the Bavarian Wheat strain from Wyeast. Day two was much easier.

LStaff -

Looks like you've tried it the hard way. Next time try the easy way and compare to see if the extra time effort is worth it to you. Purists will piss all over this method, but I have done it both ways and prefer the results (and the time savings) of doing it the easy way. Only you, trying it on your equipment, will be able to tell if it works for you or not.

The easy way - single infusion mash in the low 150's with 5-10% carahell malt.

Alan -

Looks really good at the transfer to the secondary. 1.016 or around 4% and a clean banana-pineapple, clove-white-pepper taste.

Kris -

How did it turn out in the end? I really want to try this myself.

Alan -

Oh, yea. I was going to mention. It was still tasty at the bottling but I used DME to bottle. The one I popped after ten days was overwhelmed with the DME taste. I am leaving it for another month. Next time I would bottle with corn sugar or even honey as I fear I may have undone all the all grain goodness.

Alan -

Now, three weeks later, it is much better. My only complaint is that it is not carbonated enough even with the extra boost of DME I gave it.