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Alan -

I had my Gaffel experience last fall, Josh and I am still looking for that <i>kölschkranz</i>.

tedo -

That's amazing that you found it in N.C. I doubt that it travels much further east, but I do miss having a true Kolsch served in the proper glassware.

Ian in Cowtown -

Hey Alan,

I can't help you with the kolschkranz, but did you ever make a trip to Lee Valley to pick up some kolsch glasses (stangen)?

I have a couple of bombers of Mt. Begbie Kolsch from B.C. in the cellar. I'll crack one this week now that the weather has finally warmed up.

Bailey -

Gaffell is great. Definitely nicer from a tiny wee glass, though. When we were in Cologne earlier this year, we noted that lots of places had started sneaking up the size of the glasses to 330ml (from 200ml) -- so they might be on their way out.

jess -

I'm a soldier over at NATO in Belgium. Going to Cologne this weekend. Wife gets the day at the X-mas market and I get the evening at the Brewpup..yeahaa!

Andrew -

Hey, I am glad to see another Kölsch enthusiast here! If you are looking for a couple of other places in the area . . . the Flying Saucer on Hillsborough Street carries Reissdorf Kölsch (from a bottle), and Tyler's Taproom in Apex carries Gaffel Kölsch from Draft (in the Stange).
I just came back from living in Cologne, so I was sure to find some places here that carry Kölsch. I didn't know about this place, so thanks!