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Alan -

The notes. A rich fine creamy rocky tan head over deep orange a-bit-short-of-chestnut ale. Plenty of orange marmalade with a bit of bitter salad greens on the schnoz. In the mouth, sour orange peel, argula, biscuit, cherry. Very nice.

Travis -

In short, yes! I picked up a 6er of this last week and a 22oz of the Great Divide Hercules DIPA to have a head to head with, no question that Saranac is a lot smoother and a much more drinkable DIPA. compared to the GD, which came off as heavy and a real mixed bag of flavors.

I am in the Syracuse area so I like to follow how Saranac, Middle Ages and Ommegang are doing. There is no question that Saranac hit a home run with this one. At my brew club they were saying that it won some Australian Brew competition in the IPA category.

Kira -

Wow, $5.99 - lucky you. Here in Rochester the Imperial IPA is $8.99 a six-pack as opposed to the other Saranacs at about $6. Still, cheaper than most beers of the style.

Alan -

Yes, it could have been an error in setting the price...but seeing as I benefitted I am in favour of it.