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Stonch -

Gary, I was lucky enough to have this on tap at the recent Ealing Beer Festival in London. Nice beer.

gary -

Why am I not in London, or Amsterdam, right now?

gary -

Alan, we need to get to know Stonch better. Nice blog!

Knut Albert -

I had a bottle of this a few days ago as well, bought in Denmark. I prefer the blonde, though, as this one was a bit too sweet. There was a lovely strawberry aroma, though, or was it just my eyes tricking my brain?

Alan -

Stonch has joined my daily reads. I think the LCBO is selling the blond this summer along with Stonch's favorite Goudenband. I am planning a Flemish and lambic sour series over the next few months starting with a Panil that I received. Hopefully Stonch will add his thoughts when I do as I think he is much more familiar or in love with them.

Dave -

Is this beer best served room temp or chilled?

Marcellino -

My favorite beer of all time, a knockout. Unfortunately not available in my country...