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Stonch -

For some time there have been specialist, independent cinemas in Britain that sell alcohol. Recently I noticed our second biggest cinema chain, Vue, has started selling beer too - but only Beck's and American Budweiser. Yuck.

When I lived in Prague, you could buy cans of Gambrinus to drink during the movie at the big multiplex, and if you opted for the specialist "gold service" cinema they'd bring draught Pilsner Urquell to your seat...

Leo-oo- -

You have a few theathers with service in Germany. In the other cinemas you get your beer at a stand for beverages and snacks...

Pico -

For years (well at least since I was 14) I have enjoyed a good beer or two at my local theaters. Once poured into the pepsi cup it is undetectable (hiding the noise of cracking the cap is rarely a problem when it is timed with a big noisy part of the movie). My wife's purse is an excellent receptacle for a couple of bottles and my selection is bound only by what is avaialble to me, and the price is what I pay for it at the local shop. If the theaters around here start selling beer I suspect they will become doubly vigilant for my variety and that will be that so to speak. Be careful what you wish for.

Eddie -

actually, in the town where I grew up (in the south shore of MA), there was a movie theater that played films after the larger theaters were basically done with them. It was actually an old playhouse, with a large large screen on the stage, and the sound was only stereo (not surround). Monday and Tuesday nights a ticket was one dollar. Then some restaurant lost its liquor license, and the theater was able to pick it up (I guess the number of licenses in town was fixed, or the number of businesses in the center of town allowed to have a license was fixed, or something), allowing them to sell beer to drink while watching your movie. Of course, it was only stuff like Miller Lite or Budweiser, but hey, it was beer.

Dave Selden -

Here in sunny Portland, Oregon, there are many theaters at which local, excellent craft brews are served:


Knut Albert -

There are a few smaller cinemas her in Oslo where you can have wie or beer with your film. One of them is of the more high brow type, showing French movies and what have you. I think they sell more wine than beer. The other is a rather small all digital theatre, which you can also rent by the hour to play viedo games on the big screen while sipping your cold beer. I had a few beers there wathcing Spiderman 3.