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Stonch -

"Scotch Irish"? Surely it should be "Scots Irish"?

Those stubby bottles are cool.

Paul of Kingston -

Just had one last night. The move to stubbies is a logical one for Sgt Major given the move to Heritage Brewing company and that firm's use of stubbies in their heritage dark line. No need to have two 341ml bottles in th eline up.

Of greater concern to me was what seemed to be a loss of finishing hops when the brand moved to Heritage. While the beer is fine today, I enjoyed it more when it provided that floral finish to the strong bittering.

Alan -

Yes, the finish is definitely less hoppybut it is still a good beer and one of the best pale ales in Ontario for my money.

Paul of Kingston -

I agree - it is good value and it is one of only a few true IPAs available from domestic producers. Still miss the first generation Sgt Major though.

Where Keith's gets off calling themselves an IPA is beyond me.

Barry -

Congratulations, you've successfully made me desperately thirsty in the middle of my working day.

Bailey -

The Sgt. Major doensn't half look like Sgt. Pepper.

Donna -

I thought you might like to know about the Sgt. Major portrayed on our box and label....
Meredith Macdonnell, a military artist, wrote to us offering to help us with his knowledge of particular military dress distinctions. Meredith and Brent Charbonneau, our graphic artist, got together and they have come up with a Sgt. Major dressed in the uniform of a Cavalry officer at the time of Confederation.

Alan -

Hey! Thanks Donna. My own great-grandfather was a British Sgt. Major in India and Sudan before he was pensioned off as a mad scarlet fevered postman in Scotland a hundred years ago. So I appreciate the picture and the info.

Martin -

I rarely buy mass produced bland commercial beer as I prefer the unique flavours that the micro-breweries create. Recently, I came across the Sgt Major IPA while in eastern Ontario. I bough a case and shared it with everyone at the cottage. We loved it! It was the best brew of the weekend.

I only wonder if the name is the most appropriate since I understood IPA's are clearer light flavoured ales. This "IPA" is definitley different and has a nice home made bread taste. Its' very refreshing to drink and I will buy it again. Too bad I can't find it in Cambridge, Ont.

Greg -

I have been a big fan of Dog Fish Head (a great IPA), but since it's so hard to find I decided to try the Sgt. Major IPA. I was incredibly surprised at how incredible good this beer is. It is pleasantly one of the best IPA beers that I have had in a very long time. I hope that its not going anywhere anytime soon. My only "thing" is the price. I understand that you pay for what you get, but this is a tad pricey. Not a big deal, but I would love to see a 24 bottle price.

I have read review give this beer an average of a B to B+, but I would fight to give it an A.

Great beer. Enjoy!