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R. Lee -

I don't know about Wisconsin being Beervana, but I live in Wisconsin and I can tell you that beer is definitley central to the culture. Basically, there's beer everywhere you go. And Good Beer at that. Last weekend I was at a flea market and the ubiquitous beer tent had Sprecher, New Glarus and Capital on tap. Folks walking around at 9 in the morning with a cup full of Sprecher Amber Lager probably only happens here. Also, I live in fairly rough neighborhood and the gas station on the corner (which is mostly a bum wine and lotto shop) stocks New Glarus Belgian Red. You see this stuff pretty much everywhere you go around here. Beervana or not, if you're a beer drinker who likes good beer, this is a pretty nice place to live.

Extra Beer -

Surely that free beer is gone by now

BeerBuffaloLodge -

As R.Lee said. Beer in Wisconsin is everywhere, there isn't a festival or party without some form of beer. I was in an unincorporated city in the middle of WI at a gas station that had a build your own six pack, saw New Glarus, multiple varieities, Sam Adams Longshot Winners, Point, Sprecher, etc. Even the grocery stores are on the band wagon, You can Get New Belgium at most gas stations around south east wisconsin, some have Goose Island, Some have imports. Tyranena is getting more popular as well.

As for the tastings: Most craft beer stores will have at least one tasting a week. Some have special nights where Breweries come in, from local and out of state. We are even getting some of the California style liquor stores iwth beer on tap now.

If you are interested in Wisconsin Beer, and culture, I also run a website with it's main focus on Wisconsin Beer.

Also that law about the parents giving kids beer is true, but we are responsible.... I don't give my six year old beer or alcohol.

The lawmakers are friendly because we have a few large breweries in the state, as well as some decent size micro/craft breweries. At my last count there are over 770 different beers produced in the state, and I have yet to try them all. I will make a valiant effort, but oh well.

Also, Wisconsin hosts 2 big Regional beer festivals, Great Taste of the Midwest is one of the largest in the country, and the Great Lakes Brewfest, which is growing every year. Almost every weekend, you will see a beerfest somewhere in the state.

Beervana? I think so. Just wish we had monks like Westvleteren.... :)