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The Beer Nut -

I'm a big fan of most any beer they make in northern France, but I just can't get behind any of the Ch'ti range. Beware their Blanche in particular, unless you like your witbiers ash-dry with nary a hint of fruit.

And it's good to know someone else is having a damp summer...

Alan -

I was quite surprised by the poor ratings and I have to also point out that it was the first one we opened so that we cannot blame the passage of time in the shed. Maybe it is just the perfect "caught in the rain with garden tools" beer?

bbvg -

If you like Northern French beers, i strongly recommend you :

- La Goudale (Les Brasseurs de Gayant), 7,5% i think
- 3 monts : the most well-known among Ch'tis, I even found some in Quebec once), also 7 or 8%.
- L'Angélus (this one is the champagne of beers up here), it's a special beer "Au Froment" (can't translate, sorry). Rather expensive but well worth it.
-La Belzébuth,this one's a real curiosity, the worlds strongest beer (15% Alc.) but few people really like it.

There are tons of artisanal breweries in the North of France (not as much as in Belgium, of course) so i'm forgetting a whole bunch, but these are my favourites.

Nevertheless, it's a pleasure to see that these beers are appreciated abroad.

Alan -

Yes, they are lovely. 3 Monts is regularly available in western Quebec near me.