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Drew -

Bell's beers are extremely good. Their summer brew, Oberon, is one of my favorites.

Alan -

Excellent. I have one of those in the stash. Even though we live under a repressive regime beer-wise here in Ontario, geographically we are blessed in the number of other jurisdictions that border or nearly border on it on it, allowing for plenty of of these dashes into good beer territory.

Paul of Kingston -

I had an Oberon last night - quite a good summer brew. An ale masquerading as a lager perhaps.

Also had their double cream stout - tremendous (Thanks BR). A lot lke our very own Mill Street Coffee Porter but creamier and sweeter. Very high on the yum and more-ish factors.

br -

man oh man, I love this brewery too. I really wish I could have brought back more! Wait till you have the Two Headed Ale, it's a standout as well.

With respect to the Oberon, I had it on tap in Grand Rapids which caused me to aquire the very bottles you are speaking of. Not sure if it was the company I was with or the founders IPA's consumed earlier in the evening, but the draught version was beautiful. BTW, the Founders were excellent as well (Dry Hopped and Centennial)

Thomas -

Love that Stout a friend gave me a couple of their beers he brought back from them and I was really impressed by the quality of the brewery.

Bob Schneider -

A friend and I went to Bell's last year and tasted about 5 crazy stouts. I think they had nine listed on tap or in bottles, "because we can!"
Larry Bell is the patriarch of the mid-west craftbrewing scene. Oberon is availble in mini-kegs too.

By the way here is a link to Michigan Beer Guide run by Rex and Mary Halfpenny.

I'm on the west coast of Michigan, southwest of Grand Rapids, outside of Saugatuck. We have a new local brewery Saugatuck Brewing Co., that is in-between locations right now so things are kinda of dry.

Drew -

Oberon in mini-kegs. I can now die happy.