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Nexxus Group : Importing the worlds finest brews -

Nexxus Group is an innovative company dedicated to...

Alan -

If you are so great, why haven't you bought an ad?

Knut Albert -

They're not great, they're innovative!

Butch -

That 20% looks like an industry average and so it would be heavily skewed towards the big three macros. I’d like to see what a decent ballpark would be for micros/regionals/imports. While obviously most of these bottle rather than can, I’d still think the “packaging” would be significantly less than the big three. If for no other reason, I’d think they spend a greater percentage on the beer ingredients.

Knut Albert -

I'd think that distibution costs per unit are much higher for craft brewers, too. I doubt that they lay awake at night worrying about the aluminium prices.