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Travis -

I live in the Syracuse area (Liverpool actually) and we have Galeville Country store within a few miles and Wegmans even closer. If I am on a trek for beer, no question I head to Galeville, but if I am getting bread, milk and some sandwich meat, I always peruse the brew section at Wegmans for a little something.

For Christmas they had all kids of x-mas packs from Omagang and all sorts of others. Great stuff there.

Alan -

It has been too long since I have been at Galeville - a great store.

gr -

I havn't been shopping up there since before the Dewitt store grew (20 years ago?)and I am told it is even more gigantic than the one in Ithaca. I forgot to mention that what they have done here is nearly double their micro-brew offerings, still at least 600 short of Finger Lakes Bev, which as I say, is about a block from Wegmans. I am curious what may happen here, a little price competition perhaps?

Todd R. -

It's hard to say anything good about Wegmans and their beer selection. They are a long ways behind the curve when it comes to this market segment.

When my brother and I were running the Towpath brewery in Syracuse in the late 90's, our distributer had to wait weeks to get an appointment with their beverage manager, and even then they were only given 15 minutes for the pitch. At the time, they didn't want to know anything about micro or craft anything...locally produced or not. If you didn't already have a significant market carved out for yourself, they didn't want to touch you, which was difficult when 50% of all the groceries sold in central NY was/is sold through a Wegmans and they don't carry you, essentially leaving only the national brands eligible.

It's literally taken years for Wegmans to catch-on that they can make money on craft/micro beers.

Alan -

Were any other grocery chains better, Todd? From my view up here the idea of any beer in a grocery store is so radical I can't see the fine points so obviously.

Travis -

Todd R.- sorry to hear about the piss poor experience at the store. I have to admit that the changes in the brew selection are very recent. In fact it was only about a year and a half ago that I was living in Fayettville (Dewitt Wegmans) and I would go to P&C because they had Dog Fish Head and Wegmans was only carrying things like Magic Hat (which I like, but they are not a micro brew in my opinion) and who knows what.

They have stepped it up, but I'll admit that it's recent.

Paul -

Beer and cheese - Hand in glove !