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Adam Beck -


Thanks for sharing your story. I think I would have anjoyed this trip. Seems like a whole different world :-)


Knut Albert -

Indeed. And I'm glad we went off season, when the locals have time to have a chat and the blue glow from the South for an hur or two showing that the Sun won't be back for a few months. Amazing.

Cara -

You may not believe this, but my husband and I are sitting in the Barentz Pub as I type this comment! Just did a Google search on the iPhone to check that this really is the northernmost bar and happened upon your blog. :)

We liked reading about your time in Longyearbyen. Must have been amazing to be here during the Arctic night. Being here for the autumnal equinox was pretty cool, too. Cheers!

Danny Mastin -

I am curious to travel to Longyearbyen. What is the local beer there?