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tim -

stout friday night? I will try, i'm hosting a tequila party the next night so might be low on funds. I just found out are apparently 2 more lcbos in town i was unaware of, so perhaps i will pick up a bottle of something good if they have it in addition to a bottle of Cuervo and will review saturday with my lunch. I have a huge loaf of super dark rye that has just been begging me to eat with a fine stout.

as for april beers.

I see lambics. April is a wet, warm and chilly, flowery month. The beer has to be wet, with a bit of winter heaviness but a lot of 'young' fruity, flowery flavours.

I could just be talking out of my behind...

Alan -

I hear what you are saying but I really think lambics have to be July and August, fruit harvest season. May? Maibocks. March? Marzen? January? Winter beers. April is cruel.

Adam -

(In my best Beavis voice)

Heheh...heheh...he said "linkgasm".

(end Beavis)

Well I'm out collecting my stouts. Trying to compete with Bryan's huge ass list of options to choose from. Sheeesh...how does he do that?

Anyway, I love this idea. I say April is drink whatever the heck you want month!!! Maybe an imperial session beer with a lime while plunging a shot of whiskey in it. (did I just type that? Heheh!!!)

Ian in Cowtown -

A beer for April? Well, April 23rd is Saint George's Day so I nominate English Pale Ale. London Pride, Pedigree or Black Sheep are very nice on a spring day.

Sure, George's feast may not be as popular as Patrick's, but my traditional English family always wore our bowler's at a slightly jaunty angle in celebration.

Of course, I don't have a blog so I don't know if I can decide these things or not but it seems like a natural fit to me.