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Travis -

Up north we played Beirut which is a lot like Beer Pong only with quarters. I have to say I have lost my touch with both of the games. On New Years some of my college frieds were over and it was a sad sad game to watch.

Ralph -

I bought a pong a long this year. i'm from Michigan and they have a dude that promotes Pong A Long tables here. He gave me a promotional code to use on their web-site to save me $5 on any table purchase. I used it and it did save me $5. It kinda helped with the shipping charge. I got the 8fter and use it all the time.

I love my table and i would recommend pong a long to anyone who either loves beer pong or doesn't even know what it is b/c its pretty cheap, durable and sooo portable! I love taking my pong a long to the beachs of lake michigan!

Oh and if you want to use the code that I used to save $5 its:
MI-PONG use it when prompted druring online checkout.

- Ralph

Rich -

[Ed.: <p>please contact us about paying for an ad.</i>]

Jason -

Pong A Long not only has a superior table to Bing-Bong, they're cheaper and have great customer service. I had to have my Bing-Bong order cancelled through my bank after they were out of stock and took over 2 weeks to reply to any phone or email communication.

Love my Pong A Long table, used it many times and they even gave me a code to save $5 at checkout:


Bill -

the SOC-PONG code worked great. just make sure it's in CAPS. it instantly gave me $5 off bitches.


todd -

I tried those codes and they check out! I just got mine today with the MI-PONG code. It worked like a charm and my table is effin' swwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttt!

DJ Add -

The pongalong table sucks because it stains if you use dark beer...i like the original bing bong tables much better. these are knockoffs

Poohba -

I've seen Pong Along's Site and I have to say that it is an awesome site. We to have these 8Ft tables also with along a wide selection of extreme table designed tops. We also carry the Ladies of the LFL with there NFL football teams.

Jack -

The pong a long tables are pretty nice tables and are made with quality.