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chris -

I've been brewing 3 gallon all grain btches for about three years. It's about a 1/2 gallon more that you plan to. It's great, I say go for it! You can read about it on my blog - http://www.shoremanorganicales.com

Adam Beck -

How about a session beer :-)

Ian in Cowtown -

Wow, good question. 10 litres gives you a lot of room for experimentation. Like you, I am a lapsed homebrewer and there were a lot of things I wanted to try but never got around to.

First, I'd get my feet wet on some simple beers: English ales, dry stout, maybe an Abbey single or Belgian pale ale ala De Koninck.

Then I'd go all weird with adjuncts and flavourings: pumpkins, spruce tips, maple sap, molasses, quinoa, sweet potatoes, date suger, szechuan peppercorns, ginger, sage, juniper, seaweed... whatever I could dream up and find fresh and local. My goal would be to make things I could never buy. Beer styles be damned - just call it all saison or colonial ale.

Lastly, I'd try real lager. I never got a chance to ferment at low temps before and 10 litres is small enough to stick somewhere cool and not be in the way. I know your not a big lager fan, but you might like darker lagers like a Munich Dark or a Schwartzbier. Of course you can be creative here too. I had a fantastic Nut Brown Lager last fall, essentially a Brown Ale made with lager yeast. Terrific!

Well, that's maybe more feedback than you were looking for. Good luck with the brewing and keep us informed!