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Chris -

Now I know there has to be a prize laying around your offices that awards my Nostradamus like prognostication...no? Oh well I enjoyed the contest once again, and maybe next year I'll actually take a moment to put down the beer and pick up a camera.

Travis -

woohoo! I'm a winner!!!

Tully's like the turtle Tully's? Nice, going into a crowded Tully's for an SU game that's blocked on local cable must for any CNYer.

The Beer Nut -

Go me! Take that: rest of the Rest of the Planet!

(Climbing specific Norwegian and Dutch telephone poles and clipping specific wires paid off beautifully. Boo-ya!)

Frank McDonald -

This was a great contest. It was Fun. There are some very talented photographers on here. That "Two Pints of Bitter" picture is a deserving winner.
I thought I was entered in the "Best Picture of a Brewery that was Formerly a Fishplant" category? :)

Alan -

Darn - I knew you were in the running for another category, too, Frank. Travis: Tully's beer store in Well's, Maine. You will like it there.

troy -

Damn!! Didn't win. Congrats to all the winners. I love seeing pictures like the ones above. This should be a regular thing, prizes or no prizes.


Rick Sellers -

Two Pints of Bitter is indeed a well deserved winner. You guys got some amazing shots, what a great online contest.

How many pictures were submitted in total? Seems like a good showing.

- Rick

Alan -

I have not counted but between the two it is around 300 from over 50 photographers.

Joe -

Great contest! I love that winning picture. I would have been a shoe in if you had a "beer picture taken in Japan" - oh well I am ready for the next contest.

Paul Garrard -

The Global Grand prize winning entry is a great picture. Two old geezers in ALDEBURGH, which is a great seaside town, not that far from me (I bet at least one of the pints has to be Adnams being so close to Southwold as it is).

Not quite on a par with 'beer with a head/passed through a sparkler', but one on my pet hates is being served beer in a jug as opposed to a straight glass. The experience of drinking beer from a jug is never a good one !

john Stewart -

Thank you Alan for the contest and all of it winners. Oktoberfest was amazing and every beer loving human must make the pilgrimage to Munich. The cookbook Grilling with beer by Lucy Saunders is terrific.

Cheers M8,

Alan -

Fabulous, John. Happy to put beer fans in touch with the beer treats they deserve.