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Stonch -

Last night myself and three compadres took on the task of emptying a cask at a (closed) local pub which would otherwise go off before the place reopens after New Year. I am always helpful you see.

Who are the Giants and the Pats?

Alan -

The Giants are very large and the Pats are all called Patrick.

Sean Polay -

My allegiance was firmly with my hometown Pats, but in a weird quirk of beer fate, I partook of a beer from each market: Samuel Adams' Cream Stout and Brooklyn Brewery's Double Chocolate Stout, the latter of which I was enjoying as the Patriots completed their comeback. I preferred both the New England comeback and the Brooklyn brew.

Alex -

I know the hop shortage has a lot of people worried - hopefully most breweries will find ways to pull through as variety is a marvelous thing, especially when applied to a fridge filled with beer! However our brewer (Jeff of Ithaca Beer) has gone mad and is laughing in the face of hop crisis. This year we're rolling out our hoppiest beer ever! Brings tears to the eyes.

Love the blog! And happy new year!

Alan -

Hey Alex! Happy New Year right back at one of my favorite breweries. I should ask this by email but has Ithaca Brewing, what with the support for local hop growing, considered contracting with more CNY farmers to get the local supply growing?