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Knut Albert -

I think this "seasonal" and "Winter" ales are a part of the trend to avoid anything to do with religion or tradition - it might offend someone. Our language, be it English, Norwegian or whatever, becomes more bland and boring if we put these silly restictions on ourselves.

Alan -

Yes, wouldn't it be great to have a beer for, you know, the Forfar witch hunts or The Battle of Largs or maybe the 2002 declaration by the Church of Scotland that the land has returned to paganism. Real stuff.<p>By the way, there's twenty bucks for any brewery that puts out a seasonal nut brown ale celebrating my mother's birthday. That's something I have always suggested, to her horror, that might be the outcome of all this beery writing of mine.

Paul Garrard -

I have mixed feelings about the language we use at this time of year. But I don't get too hung up about it. I enjoy your pedantry at the beginning Alan. I use the word Christmas when feeling lazy, even though (apart from the name) this time of year has bugger all to do with Christianity. I actually like the word Yule, as Monty Python would have said, "it's a very woody word", but it's the opposite of bland to use 'Winter', 'Seasonal', 'Yule' etc, and how more traditional can you get than 'Yule' ? The one one that really irritates me (as I'm sure Alan know) is 'Holidays'. Holidays are typically when you go somewhere warm for a week or two and drink cool beer !
Holidays ain't Christmas !

Sorry for the tangent - any beer that is butterscotch and biscuit is fine in my book, I'd love to taste this beer.

Alan -

You know, it did remind me a bit of Jenlain Bière de Noël reviewed here a couple of Yules ago but with this one having butterscotch rather than malteser at its core and being a little less complex.

Adam @ Beer Bits 2 -

Yuuule...Yuuuule...good woody word, indeed.