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Christopher Rogers -

Thank you so much for taking the interest and time to try the Wind and Sail Dark Ale from Barley Days Brewery. Barley Days has a new brewmaster Doug Pengelly who in my opinion is a great brewmaster and is very interested in working with us on our beers including several seasonal beers in which we use County products. At Christmas we produced a Yueltide Cherry Porter using local cherries from Reg Wyndatt's cherry farm on the West Lake Road. it was a great hit and was sold out by New Years Day. We have just produced our second seasonal beer a Sugar Shack Maple Beer mad with maple syrup from Vaders's Family Farm on East Lake. Customers are really enjoying it and sales have been very busy. We have a new brewer, new production plant, new location and a great new team who are trying their best to gain a reputation for the future. Please try our new products. Thank you once again for tasting our beer and giving us a chance to gain a good reputation.

Bruce Young -


I enjoyed yoru blog on Wind and Sail Dark Ale. I have had it on tap the last couple of visits to my local, The Brew Pub (Kingston) and must say it has quickly become a favorite. Just picked up a six pack at the LCBO (We are not free to think for ourselves and guilty of having to fund social programs with addiction) STORE. 13 bucks.....

I will let you know what I think.