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Drew -

How do you enter the contests? The Brewer's Fest ticket would be nice!

Alan -

Write something neat in the comments here about WNY beer and it is yours.

Drew -

Hmmm, something neat...

Well, since I moved to Buffalo a year ago, I've fallen in love with two local beers. Flying Bison's Aviator Red is one of the best red's I've ever had. It's full flavored with a slightly malty/hoppy taste but very drinkable. Definitely a treat when its on draft. The other is CascaZilla from Ithaca Brewing Co. While also a red ale, it drinks more like an IPA because of the large amount of hops used to brew it.

That's all I've got right now, definitely not neat at all...

buttle -

Let me try. Western New Jersey has... no, I mean Western New YORK, uh, has beers to drink.

This is tougher than it looks. Maybe Drew should get the ticket.

Alan -

Nevertheless - DREW WINS!!! I have a bottle of Aviator Red in the stash which I have yet to pop so have learned one thing care of you.

Send me your postal address to "beerblog at gmail dot com" and I will get the ticket out tomorrow.