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Eric -

I am no beer scientist but here are some informations directly from Brussels.

The one thing that should be mentioned about Belgian Gueuze is that the sour taste is coming from a spontaneous fermentation without the addition of yeast. The spontaneous fermentation is only possible thanks to aireborn microorganisms that you can find in the Brussels surroundings (the "Pajottenland"), because under layers of concrete Brussels is build on a swamp. One of the microorganism is the "Brettanomyces bruxellensis", very specific stuff. If you plan to visit the Cantillon brewery, in the core of Brussels, you'll learn that the place is kept somewhat dirty, bleach is the enemy so the microorganism can do their job.

Of course gueuze is the basis of some fruit beers. The Kriek is one of them.
I suggest you take a look at gueuze, lambic and kriek at wikipedia.

Oh yeah, also you might want to jump on a plane for this coming weekend event : http://www.weekenddelabiere.be/

Alan -

Good info, Eric, though I can't rely on wikipedia since I found out the PMO and the CIA is diddling with it.

Alan -

Had the Hannsens Oude Kriek tonight. What a fantastic beer.