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Alan -

I now see that Josh Rubin of the Star got to Grand River over a month ago and loved it as well.

Alan -

Here are directions to the brewery care of Google Maps.

jason -

youppie! it's finally open.

Troy -

I sampled some of the Ploughman's at the Golden Tap Awards out of the growler. I was surprised with how much flavour there was in the first sip. The brewery is definately on to something here, a niche if you will, here in Ontario. I look forward to getting to the brewery soon.
Look for a review after.

jason -

the CAD15.75 price may include the CAD5 deposit on the glass growler.

Alan -

Yes, definitely. I added that note to the story.

Patti Bean -

Dear Sir/Madam

I have a 17 year old son who thought being Brewmaster would be a great career choice. We live in Brantford Ontario, but I was wondering if your company takes Co-op students. I believe doing a Co-op would give him the knowledge to see if this is the career path he would like to follow.
Patti Bean