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Thomas -

Ahem, actually they have been doing one bad thing like spamming beer message boards. The Brewing Network in particular, they joined posted hello and all I have seen out of them since is press releases and not a honest participation as a community member. Now this is just my own opinion and frankly if they announced things in a more person voice I don't think I'd complain but it is what it is.

gary -

Frankly, it is a great product, but the tiny little Wagner Valley Amber Lager travels 30 miles to my fridge, and Colorado beer travels at least 1500 miles, so.....

Jonathan -

I was about to respond in agreement to Flying Dog's recent blog tactics. However, I just read Thomas' comment. I was unaware of this particular facet of Flying Dog's internet presence, and frankly, am disappointed. This is a prime example of the power of internet marketing, either for good or bad. I still think Flying Dog has done some good stuff in reaching out to beer bloggers. Perhaps they've tried to stretch it too far.

Alan -

That is too bad but maybe a lesson to be learned. My dealings have all been personal and direct with Flying Dog staff.