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irishkyle -

I enjoyed your rant against the L.C.B.O, what I find funny is they say its 3.7% on their website

LCBO 909739 | 500 mL bottle

Price: $ 3.60
Beer, Non. U.S. Beer, Regular Brewery
3.7% Alcohol/Vol.

Sugar Content : 2

Made in: England, United Kingdom
By: St. Peter'S Brewery Co. Ltd.

Just goes to show you how smart they are.

Stonch -

British brewers commonly brew their beers stronger for bottling as opposed to cask. St Peter's do this with most of their beers. I think Best Bitter is 3.7% on cask, 4.4% abv in the bottle. I can check at the Jerusalem if you want... they don't see many bottles of the bitter as its always available on cask, but they should have a couple knocking around.

Alan -

You check on that, would you? Excellent. Ask why they mislabelled the bottle if that is the case. Shout a lot when you do and use words like "confess" and "boycott". In a bad Spanish accent, please.

Ethan Cox -

At any abv, the folks at St Peter's knocked one out of the park with those bottles, I have to say. Thankfully, the beer contained therein is also generally superlative, the ones I've had at least.

Ah, LCBO woes... there are a great many reasons I would like to make a permanant move across the Niagara River these days, but yeah: your beer regulation is somehow worse than NY state's, and that's saying a lot.

Stonch -

I've never tried the bottled version of St Peter's Best Bitter as it's always available in cask form at my local. On draught it's certainly a good beer. One wonderful thing about the cask St Peter's beer is the slight inconsistency - for example the Lemon & Ginger is sometimes extremely potent, and the Best Bitter can be massively hopped.

Stonch -

I've checked with Dave who says the bottles of Best Bitter served in the JT are 3.7%abv - so that doesn't explain this apparent mix up.

I was at St Peter's Hall on Sunday - absolutely beautiful place. I'll do a write up on my blog with photos in the next day or two.