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Stephen Beaumont -

I'm a believer, and in fact am responsible for most if not all of the cocktails at beerbistro. And coincidentally, I have a story outlining my beer cocktail philosophy as the feature at www.worldofbeer.com this very month.

Hefe, Kaluha and cola does sound rather rude, admittedly, but at the risk of sounding immodest, I think the Queque Chose "sangria" and the Green Devil I invented with Duvel (recipe at World of Beer) are pretty damn good. Hell, even the president of Duvel USA was ordering Green Devils when he last visited Toronto.

Alan -

Hi Stephen, I am really sharing my fears and prejudices as much as anything. Though that photo of Yeltsin is pure gold.

So maybe you have given me hope and maybe even the guts to try one of these. Remember that the whole sour beer studies thing started this way.

Stephen Beaumont -

Another one to try, especially when the weather turns this fall, is the Any Port in a Storm -- 2 ounces LBV port in 12 ounces of Imperial stout (I used Victory's Storm King when I developed it, hence the name.) Pour one and watch your fears and prejudices melt away...

Alan -

That triggers the memory of that O'Hanlon stout of earlier this year.

tedo -

Having Beer Cocktails is really not that new. When I was in Germany last year there was plenty of Beer mixed with Cola, or Beer mixed with Lemonade or beer mixed with lot's of other things. Not something I ever could stomach, and it may be new to North America, but its been around for a while in Europe.

Knut Albert -

Yes, the Germans even have bottled mixes of cola/beer and lemonade/beer. But the fact that it has been around for a long time does not mean I have to like it. A slice of lemon in a wheat beer is about as far as I will go!

Boak -

How do you feel about mulled beer? In Zakopane, Poland, a couple of bars offer this - it's the normal lager, but warmed with either a spicy mix or some raspberry juice.

It was actually very nice.

Alan -

That is a good point. There were flips, punches and a drink called a bishop, too, greeting you in your 1700s UK inn. Maybe I need to start another category called "General Beer Bastardizations"...or maybe something else.

Ron Pattinson -

I encountered a German cocktail whilst in Franconia recently - Pils, cola and two shots of kirsch (cherry schnapps) served in a litre mug. It was tooth-achingly sweet and totally disgusting.