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Bailey -

Fuller's Chiswick is a "watery" version of London Pride, slightly lighter in colour, and with more hops. And it's fantastic - one of my favourite beers, on a par (I think) with the similar Young's Bitter.

I have seen a few breweries making something of the quality of their water in publicity (though names escape me...) but it would be good to see more of it, as you say.

But when I do go for something stronger, I order a half pint, which is another way to get away with a night in the pub without suffering a hangover the next day.

Lew Bryson -

Okay, aside from everything else...

I did have a session beer yesterday that grabbed the idea: All Night Ale, a dark mild spiked with espresso from Nodding Head brewpub here in Philly. Low alcohol, high caffeine, and of course great Philly water.

portland -

P B R - yea

Henry Halff -

I'm old enough to remember that Hamm's hailed from "the land of sky blue waters," Pearl was "from the country of 1100 springs, and Oly made the rather vague claim that "It's the water."

Alan -

We need to recapture that pride in purity in our slogans.

Alan -

The New York Times almost makes a plea for the creation of CAMWA.