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Stan Hieronymus -

Alan, I know in my gut that contradicting Lew sets me up for being dead wrong, but ...

There may be a few batches of Ommegang beers - Ommegang, Hennepin and maybe Three Philosophers - still in Belgium to be shipped to the states, but I am certain that when we were in Austin that Larry Bennett said that Brewery Ommegang has added enough capacity that all production would return to the US.

Duvel had been producing the 750ml bottles for the states, while Ommegang brewed the draft (a small amount) in Cooperstown, as well as the 12-ounce bottles.

When the first bottles from Belgium arrived in the states about 18 months ago I conducted a series of blind tastings comparing the US and Belgian versions for a story that appeared in Ale Street News. I can't find it at their site (to give you a link), but basically consumers had a duvel (excuse me, devil) of a time picking out the odd beer in a triangle tasting.

Personally, I thought the licorice in the US version was more pronounced and the condition on the Belgian version was much fine (more Champagne-like). But in more recent tastings of the Belgian version it seemed the licorice has reached the US level.

To Ommegang/Duvel's credit, the bottles have been carefully labeled as to where they come from.

Alan -

A dip into the recycling box has revealed an interesting thing, Stan. Same beer, Hennepin, bought in the last two weeks in the same format, 750 ml, at the same store, Finger Lake Beverages in Ithaca:<p><center><img src="http://www.genx40.com/images/2007c/hennepin1.JPG" vspace="15"></center>

Stan Hieronymus -

Do did you notice a difference in the beer inside the bottle?

Alan -

The one to the right is still full. I did think that there was a lightness and crispness to the one on the left but only realizing this too late, I missed the opportunity for a proper side by side. I thought the Ommegang was a bit less malty if I recall correctly. Still very nice.