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Alan -

I was not aware Norwegians were inscrutable.

Alan -

Ah-ha! Now I understand. I was having real problems getting on the internet last night and the double post must have been the result.

Ian in Cowtown -

Hi Alan,

“A stash is not a vault”. I must remember that quote next time my own modest stash needs airing.

I first tried La Chouffe (like many other imports the LCBO brought in at the time) in Kingston in the early-90s and I’m pleased to report both it and McChouffe are available in Alberta. No Houblon or RJ licensed beer though. These are very nice beers and I often have a bottle on hand.

Now for my esoteric beer cellaring question: do you store your La Chouffe on their side or upright? La Chouffe comes in a champagne-type bottle but with a cap, not a cork, so I store them upright. Anything with a cork, Unibroue 750 ml for example, I lay down. I’m not sure it matters, frankly, but I am curious what others do.

Alan -

Good question. You can see here that I like to keep the corks dry. I do not anticipate ever hitting the real time for cork deterioration with any of these. But that is my understanding of what you do with a pressure cork.

Ian in Cowtown -

An inspiring week. In fact, your reviews inspired me to purchase two bottles of both La Chouffe and McChouffe at the local supermarket liquor store (although convincing me to buy these beers is not hard).

For those interested in Alberta beer prices, I paid $7.29 Cdn each for the 750 ml La Chouffe and $7.49 Cdn each for the McChouffe.

Alan -

I am considering what week this week will be but if I had access to this good ale at those prices I imagine every week might be Achouffe Week.

Ian in Cowtown -

Yes, Achouffe at this price is nice. Most beer is pretty reasonable here. Rogue is the only beer that causes sticker shock ($7.50-$8.50 a bomber, $18 a six-pack!).

The affordability of truly great beers is one of the reasons I'm glad I got into this hobby. The rarest and tastiest beers often cost no more than an average table wine. Imagine how little snobbery and pretension one would find in the wine world if the greatest Bordeaux and Burgundy cost only $30-$40.