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Knut -

I like their web site. Gotta find an excuse for some days in Germany, preferably in the Cologne area.

Alan -

I will be looking forward to that kölschkranz, then.

Ian in Cowtown -

Long-time lurker, but my first post. This is an excellent blog Alan! Your comments are always thoughtful and well-written.

Gaffel kolsch is the only German kolschbier I’ve tried and it was quite tasty. Believe it or not the LCBO actually brought it in as part of its Vintages program back in the early 90s. I was a student in Kingston at the time and remember picking it up at the Fort Street store. The LCBO used to bring it lots of good stuff back then; German, Belgian and UK beers mostly. Subsequently, I’ve moved back to my native Alberta and the LCBO seems to have taken a turn for the worse.

I can’t help you with the kolschkranz, but you can buy kolschstangen (glasses) at Lee Valley Tools. I own a set and they are very nice.


Alan -

Hey - good comments, Ian! I recall it being on the shelf at the Petawawa LCBO around 1993 or 1995 but I thought it was a special order for the Forces. But those were the days that the LCBO carried a heck of a lot more interesting ales and not just 67 varieties of Eastern European lager.

Frank Koelsch -


As you see my name is Koelsch. I would like to know if any of the Kolsch Beers is imported to the United States. And where I can find it.
Frank Koelsch

Peter -


@ Frank: Kölsch is imported in the US. For example there is a pub in NYC where they sell Gaffel Kölsch. Furthermore there're some american breweries which brew so called Kölsch e.g. Stewarts Brewing Co. from Bear, Delaware or Steamworks Brewing Co. from Durango, Colorado. But to be honest I'm not sure if these beers really taste like Kölsch as they don't use the same water used in Cologne.



Severin Wolf -

Hi everyone.
I came to Vancouver in 2006. I was born in Bonn which is about 18km from Cologne. I CAN'T LIVE without Kölsch.
Does anybody know where I can get it in Vancouver or the lower mainland? Please help.
Thank you.
Dat Wasser von Kölle is jot.

Don -

My mother is from Koln. I learned to love been drinking Kolsch. I would also like to find a distributor, so I can enjoy Kolsch here in the US. If you know of any in MD let me know.