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LaTonia Reed -

One year ago, here in the heartland of america (Iowa) my boyfriend and I received a Christmas basket with the Tripple Goliath pictured above(right). I love this beer, my first time trying a belgin beer- we drove to the speciality store where the Christmas basket was purchased and inquired about making another purchase, the store clerk contacted the owner about making a purchase sadly to say we are still trying to find out where we can purchase this beer. I would be most gracious to anyone who can help with find a place that I can order or drive to purchase this beer. HELP!!!!

Tampa Drunakrd -

I am enjoying one of these now and must say this is my favorite blonde Ale.

If you ever have the chance to find and pony up (pricey but sooo worth it) one of these magical bottles do so immediately.

Anyways back to my flavorgasm.

Alan -

Now I am sad as I haven't seen one of these for a few years on NE NAm shelves. Maybe I will just put a tablespoon of white pepper in a glass of pear juice with a shot of vodka to hold me over.